How Cloud ERP Can Assist Manufacturers With Their Procurement Function

As supply chain disruptions continue the procurement function should adapt to improve transparency, build collaborative relationships, and ensure sustainable sourcing practices, resulting in a stronger, more resilient supply chain with Cloud ERP for manufacturing. Manufacturers rely on materials sourced from volatile markets, subject

Why Small Businesses Need an ERP System

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system manages all aspects of a business, including production, planning, purchasing, manufacturing, sales, distribution, accounting, and customer service, from one fully-integrated system. Small businesses use ERP software to improve communication across departments and optimize business

Transform Your Workforce With HR Software

Discover how the right human resource management software can help you keep your employees productive, satisfied, and efficient. HR software simplifies people management Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Recruiting and training the most talented individuals is critical to the success of

7 Money Management Strategies Every First-Time Business Owner Should Know

Being a small business owner is all about following your dreams and calling your own shots. But it’s also about managing your money responsibly and keeping a tight grip on your finances. Your current financial situation may not be as

How HR Can Help Achieve Sustainability Goals

Environment, social, and governance (ESG) is an approach to evaluate and measure your company’s efforts to work on behalf of social goals beyond growing profits for investors. The environmental aspect measures your impact on the natural world. The social component

6 Business Hacks to Drive Real Results for Your Small Business

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, you need to do everything you can to give your business an edge over the competition—and a big part of that is figuring out how to achieve maximum results without maximum effort. We’re talking about business

client management
Client Management: 5 Ways to Build Long-Lasting Client Relationships

Winning a customer is only half the battle—or even less than that. Without loyal customers improving your return on investment (ROI) over time, you’re spinning your wheels. Keep losing customers, and you’re on your way to burnout or being out of business.

Cloud-based Accounting Software vs. Desktop Software, which is Better?

Cloud-based Accounting Software vs. Desktop Software The overwhelming majority of accounting software providers have been moving to the cloud. However, it is crucial to understand the differences between cloud-based accounting software and desktop accounting software. While they are both accounting

inventory managment
Inventory Management Challenges and How ERP Software Can Solve Them

Inventory management is an important business function. It involves active monitoring and management of inventory balances and their costing to minimize overheads and maximize profits. It deals with three areas of supply chain operations: ordering, storing and shipping. Its effective

Should You Create a CRM Database in Excel

Should You Use Excel as Your CRM System? Though you can easily use Excel to create a database of your customers, Excel lacks several key benefits of more dedicated CRM software. A proper CRM system that is integrated and automated


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