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With QuikErp you ability to monitor the cost, calculate the number of resources for the project and deploy it for the project. Understanding client requirements and ERP project manager has the responsibility to design a comprehensive strategy for achieving successful outcome of the project.

Many companies adopt Quikerp for the first time when they realize their entry-level accounting software lacks core functionality, scalability and just isn’t giving them the visibility they need. But Quikerp software systems help you manage much more than financials. An ERP system like Quikerp is developed in a modular way, with applications covering such diverse areas as manufacturing management, distribution logistics, CRM, order management, e-commerce, product life cycle and engineering control, scheduling, inventory and warehouse management.

When it comes to change, pain is a great motivator. Maybe it’s taking longer every month to reconcile your financials or you’re increasingly basing forecasts on guesswork. You have no real idea how much stock you have on hand, so it’s hard to be demand-driven. Increasing compliance regulations are tying you in knots.

Here are five common signs we see from companies ready to consider a new ERP software system:

  1. Decision time has doubled. Time spent looking for information has increased dramatically.
  2. Working capital has increased. Too much money is tied up in inventory and inefficient processes.
  3. Redundant, disconnected software programs. You need to reduce IT complexity and unify your various front- and back-end systems with a single database – and get to one version of the truth.
  4. Customer experience is suffering. If you can’t deliver what customers want, as fast as they want, to the right locations, you could lose to competitors. The right ERP system can provide visibility and agility to be more customer responsive and reduce errors.
  5. Growth and expansion. If your current system can’t scale up, handle global needs, or support new business lines, it’s time to consider a change.

Yes support will be provided to our client when needed


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Cloud computing has come a long way and is in fact safer than saving your data on a local computer. E.g.: Quikerp is on cloud and takes regular backups of your data which again stored safely on a cloud. Let’s say your computer failed to start today (totally hypothetical), you simply login to Quikerp on a different device and everything is back to normal. On the other hand, if your data were saved locally, it could be lost with the device. Also, Quikerp does not save any of your or your customers’ financially critical information on its server which provides an added layer of safety in situations like hacking.


Yes, Quikerp is used around the world and so we cater for all time-zones with our  24/7 customer support.

We at Hike believe our top-notch support is what distinguishes us from our competition. We’re available 24/7 on a live chat line and there are no premium support charges for that, in fact, its absolutely free. You can expect the same user-friendly help even when you’re just trialing Hike on our free 14-day trial.

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