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In this global economy, many businesses have employees that work more outside of the office than in it. Sales and service teams work closely with customers, and key employees may work remotely from home or on the road. Your leaders need to maintain communication with remote employees and, conversely, they need to stay in touch with the office. Keep remote employees connected with these handy tools.

Where Are Your Employees Today?

Do you know where your employees are today? It can be a challenge to keep tabs on employees working remotely. A growing business may have multiple locations and you may have employees that travel between locations. Some employees work at customer offices or in the field and others work from home. No matter where they are, employees need access to important corporate information, as well as their own employee-specific information. To ensure swift, secure communication between employees and the office, it may be time to deploy more modern technology.

Two Ways to Bridge the Communication Gap

Maintaining communication with remote employees is as important for them as it is for you. Strong lines of communication are good for productivity and morale. There are times when you may need to share corporate-centric information, like annual reports or announce big changes. On the other hand, employees may have questions regarding their personal or payroll information. Here is simple, yet powerful, business management software you can use to bridge the communication gap.

QuikErp: A cloud-based software that allows you to manage your business, HR, CRM staff, projects, team and finance all in a single system.

By tracking anything that happened in a particular time frame, QuikErp makes it much easier for managers to build personalized reviews that are more than just verbal window dressing. Not only does the C-Suite have insight into employee productivity, but it also gives each employee a transparent view of their successes or failures.

Getting that specific is important. It gives your employees exact knowledge of what they did well so they can continue to perform at a high level. It also makes it clear what they need to improve and how to do that. One approach you can use to provide valuable feedback with specific examples is the STAR method.

On top of that, a deeper level of insight that you can share with employees encourages retention. A study by Qualtrics found that employees who had managers that regularly acknowledged their positive performance were five times more likely to stay with that company. You can’t do that without first being able to track how your employees are doing.

Shift Planning and Scheduling

You have a bunch of workers. Great. Without proper planning and scheduling, though, you’ll also have enough chaos to rival two football teams playing without any coaches to guide them.

That’s why a standard feature of QuikErp is a calendar or schedule.

Not exciting, true, but vital to running an effective business. If you have a mobile workforce that works in shifts, for example, everyone needs to know when to show up and when to leave. Without proper tracking, it’s easy to overlap or suffer gaps between shifts.

To illustrate, let’s imagine a restaurant that doesn’t have proper scheduling. It’s a breakfast joint, so the main rush happens before 11 a.m. Customers arrive and the tables fill – but three of the six waiters didn’t clock in on time because the restaurant uses a poorly organized, analog paper schedule. Details are easy to miss, and it takes unnecessary extra work to make sure there’s enough staff to cover each shift.

It’s only a matter of time before this kind of system fails. And once it does, not only is the restaurant down half its waiters, management now needs to deal with upset customers who are waiting twice as long for their food to arrive.

A well-maintained digital schedule in an employee management app supported by shift planning tools gives everyone confidence that your company’s scheduling is efficient, consistent and fair. Workers get automatic updates and everyone stays on the same page.

Employee Engagement

Unless you want to run a business full of zombie lookalikes where people go through a mindless routine every day, you should look for an employee management software that encourages workforce engagement.

We live in a modern, dynamic world where companies need to do everything in their power to attract and retain top talent. Keeping them engaged is a great way to do that.

A philosophy is emerging that rather than simply displaying company information in a dry, boring way, it can be helpful to create digital spaces and forums that challenge and encourage employees to be creative or grow within the company. The goal is to promote personal investment on the part of your employees.

You don’t want to be left behind in this technology era. Manage your employees effortlessly and take your business to the next level by switching to QuikErp.

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