Elevate customer experiences

Orchestrate personalized journeys across all touchpoints to strengthen relationships and earn loyalty.

Engage customers in real time

Design, predict, and deliver contnt through the right channels in the moment of interaction for personalized customer journeys.

  • Orchestrate real-time customer-led journeys

Nurture customers based on their interactions across email, mobile, social media, custom channels, and in-person touchpoints.

  • Design customer-led experiences

With a deep understanding of the customer, engage one on one using personalized journeys triggered by customer interactions. Take advantage of built-in event triggers, or build custom ones.

  • Deliver seamless experiences across digital and physical channels

Reach customers through digital channels and in-person interactions across marketing, sales, and service. Engage them in their preferred channels and timing using AI-driven recommendations.

Win customers and earn loyalty faster

Orchestrate customer journeys across marketing, sales commerce, and service to provide a holistic customer experience.

  • Design end-to-end journeys that increase engagement

Create personalized journeys using demographics and behaviors to orchestrate experiences across marketing, commerce, sales, and service. Act on feedback using Quickerp.

  • Target the right audience

Easily create segments for contacts and leads, no matter how complex the targeting criteria, using segment builder and natural language. Use segments in your customer journeys to engage your audience.

  • Improve customer communications

Empower customer experience, customer service, sales, marketing, or any other team looking to deepen relationships with customers to design journeys that span your business.

  • Nurture leads and accounts

Send periodic newsletters, transactional emails, and timely personalized notifications. Score individual leads or run account-based marketing campaigns to align with sales.

Personalize customer experiences with AI

Turn insights into relevant action using AI-driven recommendations for content, channels, customer segmentation, and analytics.

  • Easily create engaging content with AI assistance

Create email content easily and efficiently with the AI-powered email editor. Use AI-recommended content ideas including images, offers, and dynamic content to maximize engagement.

  • Experiment to increase engagement

Run A/B tests to find and use resonating content. Personalize channels for each customer based on their previous activities and preferences.

  • Improve marketing effectiveness

Use real-time KPIs and dashboards to track business goals, journey performance, and content effectiveness. Enhance customer journeys using analytics and Quikerp Power BI dashboards.

  • Act on a 360-degree understanding of the customer

Connect with Quikerp Customer Insights to improve targeting, turn insights into relevant actions in customer journeys, and visualize customer interactions.

Build customer trust with a unified, adaptable platform

Use built-in features to help with compliance requirements and protect customer data. Easily customize and connect with tools you already use.

  • Unify and share customer data more securely

Align teams across your company by sharing a single, real-time view of customer context across all your Dynamics  applications. Help protect customer data in the trusted Quikerp Cloud.

  • Comply with regulations

Use the built-in features to request, capture, and store consent to support compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HIPAA regulations, and accessibility guidelines.

  • Easily customize and extend the application

Add custom channels using APIs and external add-ons. Connect with your tools and automate processes using built-in workflows, or create your own with Quikerp Power Automate.

  • Run business unit–level marketing

Flex to support company, departmental, or product-level campaigns. Manage branding consistency and promote conte





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